Circling the Moon

Traversing the entire lunar landscape


Project Overview

We’ve landed on the moon, sent rovers, and viewed it in high-resolution from satellite images. Over the next few years, we will be going back and placing permanent structures, making it the first off-planet settlement. 

This is a VERY exciting time. 

While it seems almost old-fashioned at this point, an important milestone of human exploration is circumnavigating the globe, but in this case...the lunar globe. It is less about discovery and more of an exercise in humanity’s effort to push the limits of technology and endurance. 

In this project, we are exploring what it will take to circumnavigating the moon, by designing the vehicle and systems necessary to make the 6786-mile journey. 

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We are still exploring this problem. If you would like to see a challenge for this project, let us know.

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