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Brands build businesses, and we build brands.

As brand architects our focus at every level is to develop, shift, or grow your brand to meet the needs of your business. We believe success should be measured because our clients rely on us to be creative partners who deliver real results.

Brand Development

Studies show that businesses making data-driven decisions consistently outperform those that don't. Our brand development process is rich with primary research and in-depth data analysis. From persona development to product naming to identity design, we help companies make sense out of their brand and put their best foot forward when reaching their customers.

Services Might Include

  • Brand Platforms
  • Logo Design
  • Company and Product Naming
  • Persona Development
  • Focus Group Moderation
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Survey Analysis

Brand Promotion

A solid brand is the foundation of any business or product, and promoting that brand is fundamental and is oftentimes overlooked. We are very proud of the brands we work with and love to help see them grow and flourish. A major part of our day to day activities lie in helping to promote a brand’s growth. Whether it’s a new website or a major product launch, our team knows how to take advantage of the latest technologies and trends to make sure that your brand is hitting its goals.

Services Might Include

  • Website Creation
  • Organic and Paid Search
  • Promotional Campaigns
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Application Creation
  • Video Production
  • Trade Show Marketing

Some of the brands who have trusted us with their projects, and for whom we delivered.

Some of the brands who have trusted us with
their projects, and for whom we delivered.

Penrose Academy Brand Support

Penrose Academy is a privately owned cosmetology and esthetics school based out of Scottsdale, Arizona.

As a post-secondary school and fully functioning salon and spa, Penrose has hundreds of places where the brand engages with their students, staff, and customers. Working with the staff and interviewing and surveying past and current students, we documented and analyzed the effectiveness of these touch-points. The resulting Customer Experience Map identified and prioritized our efforts helping us be as effective as possible.

A website that’s
more than skin deep

When we started working with Penrose on a new website we had a few very clear goals. It needed to be easy to update; it needed to convert well, and very importantly, it needed to "feel" like Penrose.

Using the results of our reasearch from the CEM, we developed a site using current best practices in seo-friendly front-end, and a custom designed WordPress backend, to create a site that started to seeing an quick and continuous rise in user engagement, with a nearly 30% increase in conversions.

Putting a new face on beauty

While the school has been around for ten years, the name and logo is relatively new. With no need to re-brand we see a need to expand some of the existing branding. With the new website came a new more vivid color palette, a full range of custom designed iconography, and an entirely new visual language.

These elements have helped push Penrose academy forward as a brand that goes far beyond the logo.

A brand that can stand on its own.

One of the best things about working with a company like Penrose Academy, is that they not only have plenty of outward facing materials, but they also have so much going on internally. From study abroad trips which require full sized travel posters that we get to design and illustrate to their Wander + Wonder gallery events where we help create event signage and buttons, there are a thousand creative ways that we get to work with, stretch and test the brand.

For more information about how we can help you with your ongoing brand maintenance, reach out through one of our many methods of of contact and we can discuss what our process and additional capabilities look like.

Pride Global

After the successful naming and re-branding of Brazilian professional education firm, Coursis, we were asked to help develop a new identity for their parent company Pride, based out of New York City.

Pride is made up of eight companies focusing primarily in staffing and human resourcing, each needing to express their unique qualities while all visually tying together under a single visual language that would also welcome expansion.

Collecting the
Lion’s Share of Information

When we help a company rebrand, we want to make sure that the new identity reflects the existing personality of the company as well as encompassing its any shifts that they are trying to make.

We start with a deep information gathering session , where all the principals speak to all of the various aspects of what makes the brand what it is. We then survey the rest of the staff and follow up with a deep dive into the industry and competition to tease out any additional insights that might help.

It Mean’s No Worries

Most people see the logo is the primary deliverable when rebranding. While it is certainly the most noticeable part, we see the brand platform as the true crux of the project.

The brand platform is the foundational document that outlines all the many aspects of the brand from personality traits, audience profiles, and the visual rules for the brand and advertising.

For a company like Pride, it is an invaluable tool that helps informing every decision that will be made by us or other teams during the rebrand process and beyond.

A Brand to be Proud Of

We sketched out hundreds of different designs working from many different conceptual directions to come up with a several design concepts that match the brand uniquely but appropriately. These concepts don’t just get presented as a logo, but also in context to help illustrated the diversity that a brand has.

We created designs for websites, business cards, mobile applications as well as some outdoor signage, bringing the brand to life and helping to how far the brand can be taken.

For more information about how we can help you with your companies branding or rebranding, reach out through one of our many methods of of contact and we can discuss what our process and additional capabilities look like.

Fender Website Development

After some prior success working with Fender and Eddie Van Halen, we were contacted by Fender Musical Instruments to assist with the development and launch of their new website. Much of the design and UX had already been worked out ahead of time, but there were some very interesting challenges ahead of us. Working with their interactive and content teams we wanted to make sure that we could build a site that worked well for the internal teams as well as the customers.

More responsive than an executive’s Porsche

Ensuring that the final live website matches the designs is an absolute minimum requirement for any project, but when it comes to making sure it looks correct on every device, be it a phone, tablet, or retina laptop screen, we don’t cut any corners.

Every aspect of the Fender site is built and tested to work on every device and with no additional uploads or image editing required by the content team, making it look great to the uses as well making it as easy to update as possible.

Party in front Wordpress in back

For an organization as large as Fender, making sure that their website works for the team behind the scenes is just as critical to our success as making it usable for the customers. We built their site using a WordPress framework, working closely with the content team and interactive teams to understand their process for content creation. With easy to understand post types and custom built plugins we made sure that their job was as efficient as ever.

Cheering for the Encore

The new Fender website was a big change from their previous sites and it managed to garner some sizable public interest with articles about the UI process in Fast Company and some raving reviews on E-Consultancy (a common resource of ours).

It was a complicated build with a lot of moving parts, but we were happy to see a smooth launch that was on time, on budget, and virtually bug free.

For more information about how we can help you with the development of your website, reach out through one of our many methods of of contact and we can discuss what our process and additional capabilities look like.


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