Redesigning the way people work and products are made



We Bring Innovative Products to Market

Starting with a single brick, unimaginable greatness can be created. It is a cornerstone of possibility.

We see Brikk in the same way. It is a new way to design and build the products that will define our future. It’s a new way to create, and a new way to work. Our mission is to open up innovation, giving everyone an opportunity to be a part of how the future is built.

We play well with others

We are not a crowd-sourcing platform. We are a co-creation community. We actively work together to problem-solve.

The diverse backgrounds and experiences that make up our community provide us with a unique advantage in developing truly innovating product solutions.


Our core philosophy of co-creation is that by working as a community all of the ideas are improved. So, it’s only fair that we share in the rewards.

Meaning, when a product gets to market, you will get a piece of the profits, even if your final design isn’t the one that was chosen for production.

We want to make the world better for everyone

Every project we tackle must align with our core product values.


Every product we create must be sustainably produced, used, and disposed of.


Our products must improve the lives of people without causing harm to others in the process.


We are not iterating on existing products, but developing new and unique solutions.

Austin and Blaine - 2007

We are people, too.

Brikk is based in beautiful Boulder Colorado. It was birthed from our love for science-fiction and technology, and a desire to participate in the future instead of watching from the sidelines. We are a small but growing team of very interesting people, the least of which are its founders Austin Baker and Blaine Jones.

We aren’t hiring right now, but if you’d like to be a bigger part of Brikk, send us a video explaining why to and we’ll definitely watch it.