Giving You a Voice in How the Future is Designed



We believe that we should be more than spectators to innovation.

By including the world in the design process, we can solve problems better, faster, and with greater impact.


Co-create With Us

Improve your

Post progress of your concept and get feedback from industry experts and other knowledgable designers and engineers in the community.

Let your

voice be heard

Influence the direction of products that get designed and how problems are solved. You make your mark as they make it to market.

Earn Prizes

Gain Recognition

Top designs can earn prizes, cash, and product royalties and if your design gets developed you can get named on the patent.

How we Co-create

We design our products using the process of co-creation. Somewhat different from crowd-sourcing, co-creation goes through each phase of the design process as a community, allowing the unique backgrounds and varied experiences of individual users to shape the final results.

Project Workspaces

We work with industry partners, community input, and our research to identify projects that we think are a good fit for co-creation and align to our vision and values.

When you participate in a project, anything you contribute is saved to your personal workspace, allowing you to have a complete overview of the concepts you are creating.

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Design Research

Post design inspiration, industry research, and inspiring technologies that you think might be relevant to the project, and if someone posts something you like, add it to your workspace for future reference.

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Sketch Concepts

Post sketches of your early ideas on the sketch wall and get feedback from the community, as well as industry experts working on the project.

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In this phase, we synthesize the input from the research and concept phases to create detailed requirements for the product we are developing, and you can then take your concept to the next level by particpating in design and engineering challenges to earn prizes, cash, and even product royalties.

Launching this Winter

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Follow along as we document the entire product development process from engineering to prototyping and manufacturing.


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Discuss projects, get support, and get to know other members of the community that you might want to team up with.

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Attend real life meetups, hackathons, and launch events that happen around the globe.

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