Mobility Gap

Filling the spaces between highways and sidewalks

About This Project

In 1995, Dan Sturges created the world’s first Neighborhood Electric Vehicle, the T2, now the Polaris GEM as a way to change mobility and bring smaller more efficient vehicles into the world. Effectively BEING the change he wanted to see. Dan has dedicated his life to mobility. He has written countless articles for major publications about the needed and inevitable changes around our cities, he has worked alongside some of the biggest innovators in the world, and can unironically be seen riding his Segway in lieu of a car. 

While working on his new book on redefining the mobility landscape, he wanted to emphasize the breadth of solutions that can be had when looking at mobility as something beyond simply point A to point B in a large and heavy cross-country everything to every person vehicle.

For this project, we are going to explore the new vision of tiered mobility and push design as far as we can. The work done on this project will be featured in the book (with appropriate credits), and as we enter the design phases, we will be building out functional concepts, and we’d like to continue this to develop some great new products.

The Current Problem with Mobility

A Vision for the Future