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Blue Sky Sketchwall

Lunar Transit

Sketchwall Brief

In this sketchwall, we are exploring what kind of vehicle or vehicles can be created to circumnavigate the moon. This is just a conceptual project so the sky is literally the limit...meaning that this is a land-based challenge. 

The trip will be roughly 6800 miles (around 11,000km) and with a 27 hour day, chasing the sun is a real possibility, but traveling at any real speed without roads is going to pose plenty of challenges of its own. Will your design also be used for scientific purposes or will it be a minimalistic vehicle designed to set a speed record that will last well into the future? How will the crew rest while on their arduous task? What about repairs, and will rescue be possible if they get stranded? 

We are still exploring how this project will shape up and we are working with people in the industry to provide guidance as we move into a challenge. So in the meantime, have fun and get as creative as you want. 

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