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Helmet 2.0

Standard Helmet Concept

4 years ago by AustinBaker

Cardboard honeycomb collapsible design

The idea here is based off of collapsible cardboard that’s used in military airdrops. The design would not be long lasting but more a consumable product that could be purchased in a vending machine and used while traveling.

It would even be possible to use light biodegradable plastics to make it longer lasting.


AustinBaker - 4 years ago

This need to be replaced. I don't know who to credit for it, but it is not original artwork.

ChrisStadler - 4 years ago

On the bright side: when you're dealing with a helmet that's already been made, you know feasibility will be off the charts. ;)

AustinBaker - 4 years ago

Updated with an original design.

prototypologist - 4 years ago

Looks similar to the Riding Helmets for Dressage.