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Make life on the moon a reality


Project Overview

You can now buy a flight to reach the edge of the atmosphere, private satellites, Space X is making deliveries to the International Space Station with the boosters landing back on Earth like something out of a 1950s sci-fi novella, and in a few short years, you, yes you, will be able to take a flight to the moon for a whole variety of reasons. 

Because of this, we are going to start working on a series of projects to develop products that fill in the details of life outside of the safety of our planet. From the consumer goods needed for comfort and convenience, to the structural design of a modular habitat, to the clothing that meets the new and harsher demands of life, we want to build the future that YOU design. 

As this initial project is taking shape we are asking you to help set the foundations. 

  1. Start posting interesting articles that outline problems and innovations particularly with regards of settling the moon. 
  2. Sketch out your early ideas in the sketch walls. Treat this as an opportunity to brainstorm. 
  3. Join the discussions on Discord and chat about the projects and where you could see them going. 

Behind the scenes, we will be working to build industry partnerships with the companies who would like to see these products in space, as well as tech partnerships with those who can help provide the needed expertise to make these projects successful. We will be posting regular updates on that progress.  

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Project Leads

AustinBaker BlaineJones


Sketch our your ideas of what life on the moon will be.

Sketchwall Coming Soon


Post products that are being developed for space currently as well as problems that you find that are in need of solving.